Avignon Day

Whilst working at 97.3FM recently, Matt Connolly was involved in the Production of "Avignon Day". This was a fundraising event at Mango Hill (in the North of Brisbane) to raise money for Avignon, a 10 year old girl suffering from Stargardt's Disease, a degenerative eye loss dis-order.

Proceeds raised went to providing Avignon with additional educational equipment to provide a better quality education for her and any other visually impaired students in the future, and also to provide Avignon with as many visual memories as possible before she completely loses her sight.

The fundraising event was a great success. It surpassed the goals of raising money for educational equipment and was a great event for the local community.

In the days leading up to the event, various sweepers advertising the event were produced. These consisted of music, station voice overs and various audio grabs from location interviews and television broadcasts.

Marni T, Terry and Mark, from the 97.3FM breakfast show, broadcast live from the Westfield Northlakes shopping centre. An ISDN feed and Off-air feed were used on the day to record audio grabs from the live broadcast, and produce a "recap" of the mornings fundraising events which was replayed during the day.