Find My Sounds

As a freelance sound editor, Matt has worked in a number of post production facilities, music studios and radio stations. Each studio typically has a number of sound effect CDs, and usually a cataloguing system that is used to find sounds on those CDs.

Many facilities have similar sound effects library CDs, for example, those distributed by Sound Ideas or Hollywood Edge.

Two of the biggest distributors of Sound Effects CD Libraries, Sound Ideas and Hollywood Edge, provide a Database of their sounds so that users can search within their libraries. However, there are a number of problems with this system: searches in the supplied databases include results from CDs that the user may not have, and the problem of having to search in separate databases.

Problem #1 - Separate Databases

Each of these major distributors includes a database for their entire catalog. When users have sound effects from multiple distributors, they are required to search in multiple databases. solves this problem by combining databases together into a single searching interface.

Problem #2 - Filtering Records

Existing databases typically contain records about more discs than are owned by the average user. Therefore, most people have to scan through the search results, skipping over sounds that are on discs from that distributor that are not in their library. solves this problem by having a user defined filter of discs. When a search is conducted, the results are automatically filtered according to the users personal preferences.

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